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Urs Fischer

Sculptures 2013–2018


Urs Fischer




Featuring over 100 works and documentation of forty exhibitions and installations both public and private, New York–based artist Urs Fischer (born 1973) presents six years of work in this substantial volume. Arranged chronologically, this book allows the reader to follow Fischer's developments in form and his frequent adventure into whimsy. The artist's instinct for design is evident not only in his individual works but also in his clarity of vision for a space, beautifully illustrated in this volume. Sculpture inherently has physical presence and Fischer utilizes this to manipulate the viewer's perception of reality. Encountering the immense and the minuscule, the ever-changing and the static, a viewer must reconcile with his or her own presence in time. With this volume, the reader is invited to experience significant ephemeral, collaborative and interactive works in context in over 400 pages plus gatefold inserts.