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The re-introduction of the Y2K aesthetic comes ironically at a time when apocalyptic hysteria is still coloring the minds of many. An LA energy that is reminiscent of the heyday of Paris and Nicole galavanting about Beverly hills claiming the “Simple Life” on Entertainment television. The collections of many designers seem to be mainlining a memory of La-La land’s past debutants yet re-contextualized for the modern day. We begin to see this new subversive patrician taking shape The rehashing of brands like Von Dutch, Chrome Hearts, Helmut Lang and John Paul Gaultier is more ubiquitous than ever. Their infamous staple pieces seem to be rising from consignment graves and enticing the fashion consumer's unquenchable thirst for nostalgia.Either way this character has been fermenting in the cultural batters box for some time to be refashioned for the modern day The Y2K collection will be locked and only visible to StyleGuise members.

Courrèges logo-patch trench coat


logo-patch trench coat


Givenchy 4G-print long-sleeve top


4G-print long-sleeve top


Ashley Williams Multicolor & Black Mask Skirt

Ashley Williams

Multicolor & Black Mask Skirt


Ashley Williams kitten puppy- print skirt

Ashley Williams

kitten puppy- print skirt


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